Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia

  • Beautiful art and sound.
  • Challenging and fun gameplay!
  • Astounding mini-games!
  • Fly back to the States inBig City Adventure: San Francisco
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 38

Review for game: Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia

WINNER! Best Travel Adventure Game of 2008! Head down under to join the next Big City Adventure! Search for thousands of cleverly hidden items around the amazing city of Sydney. Discover 75 fascinating and obscure facts about Sydney and its history, plus, earn 75 cool mementos from the 26 amazing locations you'll visit. With 74 rounds of exciting mini-games and 76 rounds of treasure hunting, Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia is sure to be one of your favorite games of all time!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia Image Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Search for cleverly hidden items around the amazing city of Sydney. Head down under and join the next Big City Adventure!

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Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia game play Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia game play

Big City Adventures

I can play this game and the other two forever

big city adventure australis

This is one of the clearest and beautiful Hidden Object I've bought. The 3D is a surprise. The puzzles are a delight for a change and I have'nt had to skip one. I will do this in all the challanges.

Excellent game!

I am with you Maddy! Love these games! I always learn a little history about each place they visit and for the most part is HOG! Love the music. Long game and has the extra bonus of being one that you will play time and time again!

Good Adventure

If you liked the other Big City Adventure games you will love this one on Sydney Australia. Learn interesting facts about city while looking for hidden objects.

Austrailia on $6.99 a day...ha ha ha

I played the New York version of Big City Adventure first and was hooked. The Big City Adventure: Sydney game is equally as appealing and interesting. The game isn't just a quick run through it in 45 minute game, it is a very re playable game with dozens of rounds and terrific mini games in between each round. I strongly suggest that if you like trivia or to learn interesting facts about different places, read the script while you play, at least the first time. Once you play one Big City Adventure, you will have to have them all.


While this game is repetitive in visiting and revisiting the same locations, I found that many times you were more often looking for different hidden objects than the same ones overall. I particularly liked the facts (via postcards) that were provided about the city; there were very interesting tidbits and despite revisiting the same locations, the postcards NEVER repeated the same history comments. Be careful in using your coins (you need to pick them up in each hidden object scenes -- up to 3 each) as in later locations (particularly the last 3 or 4), it appeared to be more difficult to find the objects. Also be careful in NOT using your "skip" button when doing the mini-games because said buttons do add up and you MIGHT want to use them towards the last 2 mini-games; though I had them I didn't use any but ALMOST had to. The "skip" buttons are earned but don't know how; the game just eventually states that you've earned a "skip" button.

Fun to last over a long time

I loved this little game and it's huge - 76 leves of HOS with little minigames in between. It's not the kind of game to keep you interested for hours. After a couple scenes the mind wanders -- so what I did was play another adventure game, then keep this on the computer. I played 3 scenes a day over the month so it was like taking a little "vacation" to Sydney every day. Finally I got to where I was saying "I haven't gone to Sydney yet today - I need to do that." Items are large and easy to find, lots of hints, games are easy. it's really a great game to play with kids and the little history bits were fun as well.

Fun Game

I buy all the Big City Adventure Games. Although San Francisco is my favorite, all of them are good. I like that it tells you a little bit about the area.

My favorite kind of HO game!

I like this kind of HO game as much as, if not more, than the Pop Top games, my other all time favorite! Don't have to move between screens, figure out obscure uses of inventory objects, and easy but fun mini-games, best of all, one after each and every HO screen! Just really fun mindless game! Have played others with this format, and would buy every one!

Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia

This was one of the first games I bought. It was a fun game for myself, wife and mother-inlaw. I then got more involved with the games that are more challenging and have a better story line. good game for a relaxing game.

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