Мечта Хроники : книга воды коллекционное издание

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Wonderful wallpapers
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 286

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Лира нашла ее путь домой... только чтобы найти ее город пострадали от разрушительного шторма. В поисках силы, зло фея королева мечты бросил страшное проклятие все желания. Ее отец тяжело болен, а мать отсутствует, Лира должна найти способ разрушить заклинание. Путешествие по красиво заколдованные места, решайте сложные головоломки, и искать ответы на спасти Лира в родном городе в Dream Хроника: книга воды! Это коллекционное издание полный эксклюзивных дополнительные услуги вы не найдете в стандартной версии. В качестве бонуса коллекционное издание покупки учитываются три марки на ваш ежемесячный перфораторной карты игра-клуб! Коллекционное издание включает в себя:

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Dream Chronicles : The Book of Water Collector's Edition Image Dream Chronicles : The Book of Water Collector's Edition
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Требует Windows/MacOS

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Возрастов: 3 ЛЕТ И СТАРШЕ

Описание Игры:

Лира сделал свой путь домой, только чтобы найти город желание проклят, зло заклинание. Найти способ, чтобы разорвать страшную чашу!

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Dream Chronicles : The Book of Water Collector's Edition game play Dream Chronicles : The Book of Water Collector's Edition игры


Match 3Kids

Dream Chronicles: Book of Water Collectors Edition

Have played all the Dream Chronicles Games. I've enjoyed them all. Book of Water was challenging but not over the top. The graphics are great and the storyline moves the series along. Can't wait for the next one.

Dream Chronicles The Book of Water

This is a great game lovely game very good graphics and enjoyed this game very much. i loved the music very soothing too. Would definately recommend this game.

I cant wait for the next one...book of fire

I really enjoyed playing this game...I have played it more then once just because I love the grapics and the storyline.

Excellent than the game itselfself before

Nice game..memerizing.the sounds, the music..good.

Fun Game But A Little Easy

Wanted to love this game. It is a fun game, no question about that, but was disappointed that it was a bit easier than I expected. I guess they all can't be "hair-tearing" hard, but just wanted it to be a bit more of a challenge. But a nice game.

A Real Disappointment

So far I've bought all the games in the Dream Chronicles series. I am not looking forward to the next and am not sure that I will buy it at all. I know for certain that I will not buy the Collector's Edition (CE) unless a whole lot changes. The One Good Bit: *It carried the story forward (however minutely and frustratingly) Mostly Bad: * The game was far too short for a CE * The game was far too easy making it even shorter (see problem 1 above) * We were further shortchanged on the "extra" gameplay * There was virtually no interacting with the backgrounds * The dream jewels were in short supply * There was even a shortage of the stones to place in the dream jewels so even the simple pleasure of hunting for them was eliminated in this instalment * We were mostly confined to one room of every building, one world-scene in every world * The whole game felt like it was put out just for profit with no regard to what gamers had come to expect and enjoy It is clear that these last two games (Air and Water) should have been one game. And packaging this as a CE went beyond the pale. If (the rumoured) Book of Fire CE comes with this same nonsense, it and this earth, will burn to a crisp before I spend good (or even bad) money on it.

Major disappointment

It is extremely short, I have been playing for several hours, am 42% through (per the game), when I saw this I was like, you have got to be kidding!! I loved the first and second games, this one is very disappointing, there are not enough mini games (like loading the engine for the airship), and I really enjoy those. I felt like I was being led by the hand. The hints have a lot to be desired. They tell you what to do (the journal does that), when I am actually looking for a real hint. It is constantly raining (Everywhere), the music was ok, the graphics ok. I read somewhere there is a 4th (fire?) coming out sometime. I look forward to it and only hope the designers read some of the consumer?s reviews and give us more of what 1& 2 had. Thanks for listening to my opinion (for what it?s worth)....peace.


After having enjoyed the other Dream Chronicles we were happy to see that the Book of water finally was available... Since we really loved the first 4 games, we didn't think of playing the free trial first, but bought the CE right ahead. BIG mistake! It was soooo boring, short, easy.... A real disappointment. Even if the graphics and the music was good as usually it didn't help to make the game better. Everytime you walk into a room/change the place the music changes abruptly, which is really sad, since the music is nice... You don't have to think a lot, because the game always tells you what to do: you have to put out a fire - yeah, waterbottle right next to the fire - that's it? :-( and it continues like that! It took us hours to finish the other games, this one was done after 1,5! We did even skip the bonuslevel, since it started as unchallenging as the maingame. Luckily, we didn't spent any money on the game, but even two credits are too much to ask for a simple, short and (to emphasize this again) VERY boring game!!!

minigames and maps and find this and..omg..

once again, ill never not recommened a game cuz i think thats a personal preference, but if you have insomnia..this is the game for you...put me right to sleep...booorriiinnggg!

Better than the last yet bad

Terrible set up and storyline. It doesn't seem anyone is ever going to like this game. It is a horrible game and I would recommend you not to go more than a trial

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