Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition

  • Bonus game featuring Bloody Mary's origin
  • Downloadable wallpapers, concept art and soundtracks
  • Special viewing areas for achievements and collectibles
  • A Secret room you can make over yourself!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 1280
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1148

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You’re driving home from work when you get an urgent call from your favorite niece, begging you to pick her up from her boarding school. The teachers have gone missing, her classmates are becoming violent, and shadow creatures are haunting every corner. Search the school, but remember this one simple rule: Never look into a mirror after sunset. Bloody Mary is always watching. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition Image Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition
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Save your niece from the evil presence haunting her school!

AFERON - BigFishGames
Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition game play Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition game play

WOW! Awesome game! I love these devs!!!!

Another excellent game from these developers! You are Jackie's aunt and will help to understand what happened at her school, where adults disappeared and kids are acting weird. Great story with cutscenes very well made , colorful, with movement and VO. You will walk through the Jackie's school and will have much to do: fun new mini games, some easy, some challenging, good amount of interactive HOS, many tools to catch and many gret places to explore. 3 play modes 16 collectibles 10 Achievements Hal of Memory Bonus chapter ... Anyway, this game has everything necessary to be a CE!! Highly recommended !!!!!!!

The best Grim Tales yet - Fantastic sequel!

I'm so happy to see this game now, because I was sad that it wasn't released as announced last week. But now to the game. The Grim Tales series is one of the greatest games, so I expected a high quality game and it it a high quality game. The storyline has again something to do with your family. You are again the aunt, that has to help her niece and a creepy school haunted by the Bloody Mary. I really love this storyline. Don't go in front of the mirror and talk to your refelection. It's epic somehow. The graphics are as great as in the other Grim Tales games, but here they are nearly all very creepy, but they have many details and a great atmosphere. The music and the sounds are great too and fit perfectly into the game's feeling. The whole game is creepy. The game is not easy to beat. There are some challenging things to do. The puzzles are often tricky and difficould to solve, but there are easy ones there though. The only very easy thing (again) are the Hidden Object Scenes. They are just incredible easy. So the level of challenge get's a lower rating from me because of that. There are some different good voice overs in the game and many creepy cutscenes. Sometimes this game feels like a thriller, because there is blood on the wall, an axe crashed into the boards of the wall, someone throws a knife at you,... The game has many achievements to earn, demon collectibles and a secret room as bonus content. The other bonus content that's in every CE is there too. So afterall this game is the creepiest, but the best Grim Tales game yet. I can't wait for the next installment in this series. Thumbs up for Elephant Games. You guys did a nice job again. But I would recommend to try this game, because for some people the game is maybe too creepy.

Not the Grim Tales that we used to know? But very good!!! :)

This is the meanwhile 4th game of this series and though the stories were always thrilling and provided very good entertainment, they were pure Adventures with no mentionable Extras in their Collector?s Editions? This time Elephant Games went a new way? Graphics are - as always - welldone: very clear and detailed, even in the dark scenes. Charakters are very good animated. But be warned: stories with eerie schools and weird, mad school-kids are not everyone?s business? 7 chapters plus bonus-chapter, 3 modes to choose from (can be changed during the game), interactive map: showing you available action and allowing you to jump, very useful hint (telling you what to do next), lockable inventory, strategy-guide doesn?t follow your progress, very detailed journal. Soon you?ll get a useful friend: Chucky the chipmunk! 16 hidden figurines to collect and 10 achievements to earn! :) Slightly interactive hidden-object-scenes, all from list and all just played once! A lot more minigames than HOS, some new, most of them good to solve, but a few quite tricky!! Different to the previous Grim Tales, but very addicting!!! :)


excellent game. graphics were very crisp, voice-overs were appropriate for the characters and the cutscenes were full of excitement and not too long. You start out as the aunt who gets a phone call from her niece who complains that there are strange things going on at her boarding school and to come quickly. Your job is to save the children from the infamous "Bloody Mary"! The HOS are not too difficult and they mix them up with paper cut-out scenes to solve aswell as many different mini-games. There are 16 gargoyles to find and a scene in the garden where you have to catch 6 meerkats. You have a little chipmunk friend names Chucky( which is very appropriate for the creepy doll-like atmosphere of the game). The only problem I had with it is it only took me 3 hours to complete. A little short for a CE.

This Was More Fun Than I Thought It Would Be!

I have not played any of the Grim Tales games because I don't usually like creepy games. Today seemed like a nice day to try something new. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the demo of this game! The developer, as usual, has done a great job with graphics, animations and voice overs. The mini games are fun and vary in complexity. You can whiz through one, then find the next one will require more thought and maybe some resets. One in particular was so fun, I was disappointed when I solved it because I wanted to keep playing. There are not too many hidden object scenes. Just the right amount. In addition, so far I have not had to search for an iron, umbrella or kettle (HOG staples). The tasks also seem more realistic than some games. I did not have to try to cut a bush with a lobster, for example. I appreciate that very much. I was amazed that the hour was up so quickly. Just a fun note: In the opening scene you can click on a grate that has a butterfly sitting on it. I clicked on the butterfly to see if it would fly away or something and the game informed me that I would need a screwdriver to get it off.

Blinking Mary! Hold The Tabasco! Wonderful!

BASED ON ONE HOUR DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS I just don?t know how they do it. Without stepping one pace away from the feel of this series, the developers have given us an exciting, disturbing and wonderful experience, all in the first minute. If the opening is anything to go on, and I think it is, this will be a fast paced roller coaster of a ride through our childhood fears and alternate worlds. This series used to be somewhat tamer than other creations by this developer ? not anymore. SIGHTS & SOUNDS Pure magic. The graphics are red-drenched and dark, but remain clear, detailed and creative. Sound has been used here to create a spectacularly heightened sense of imminent danger. With 4 choices of sound sliders to pitch it perfectly for your preferences. The music I think is sensational, and the ambient sounds include eerie children?s laughter. Special visual effects are accompanied by crashes of sound, and together they create a breathtaking atmosphere. WHAT?S HAPPENING I have loved this series since the first game, when we saved our sister, gone missing on her wedding day. Since then Super Auntie has seen our nephew Brandon made it into adulthood, rescuing him 3 times. Now we are at it again, this time rescuing our young niece from a terrifying boarding school where the adults are disappearing and the children are behaving as if possessed. All of it has to do with the legend of Bloody Mary, and care must be taken to avoid mirrors after dark, if you are to escape her. So far, that?s all we really know. MAKING PROGRESS This is a HO game. There are plenty of puzzles, and many more adventure-style tasks and objectives, but the focus is still on the beautifully drawn HO scenes. They have interactive lists, and if I had one criticism for this game it would be that there are not other styles of HO puzzle offered. None of the action is difficult, although there is so much to do to begin with, I found myself losing track within the first 4 l

My Favorite Drink

I was disappointed not to find a glass filled with spicy tomato juice,vodka, a large pickle and a skewer of olives on one of those neat little cocktail swords.....yea...wrong Bloody Mary. This was the most creeptastic game in the Grim Tales series yet. The toys and drawings take on a life of their own in this latest edition to the collection. The artwork is hauntingly beautiful and the careful use of color and lighting definitely add to the chill factor. The CE includes a bonus chapter, wallpapers, concept art, music, collectibles, achievements,screensavers, a hall of memories and a strategy guide. Elephants Games never fails to impress! 5 stars and top marks in all categories! Bravo!

It's Not Hogwartz but Magic is Everywhere!

An excellent game from a great developer! This has all a HO and/or adventure fan could ask for. Excellent graphics, a transporting map, good cutscenes and a truly creepy story. More? Well, there are collectables, a truly helpful fast filling hint button (mirror?) and a mysterious "projector" whose use wasn't obvious during the demo time but has the creepily odd character of the rest of the items. The voiceovers are good but the squeaky high girls voice could've sounded a bit more real. A small quibble is an otherwise super game. Just don't plan on enrolling anybody at this school until you', I'm not gonna give anything away. Just try the demo and see! I highly recommend this game!


Everybody knows you're not supposed to say her name 3 times, but in this case you should cover your mirrors especially at night, don't look at your reflection and NEVER speak to your reflection or Mary will wreak havoc on your life! If you haven't played the Grim Tales series then you are missing out, this is another epic game, one you have to play! There are achievements to earn and collectable monsters complete with videos to find. If you are easily frightened or not into demented twisted graphics, then close your eyes because there is a lot of twisted content, and I LOVE it! Creepy dolls move on their own, eyes follow you everywhere and children's drawings come to life if you watch closely enough. This game also has it's softer side as the children have domesticated a cute chipmunk that will help you out here and there. The interactive map is superior to most CE's and will help guide you around the huge mansion and it's many rooms. The HOS are extremely interactive and yes you can even interact with items. Mini games are fairly simple and most are scenes you interact with as a story is told about Bloody M (oops I almost said her name a third time) So if you aren't afraid of things that go bump in the night then give it a try because I absolutely recommend this game!

Grim Tales is Back!

In this new Grim Tales, you are called by your frantic niece who is trapped in Blackwell Hall. You rush to her aid trying to find out what has made this school so evil. As you get to the school you are attacked on the front porch by a boy who becomes a black shadow. What has happened to all the children and to the teachers who should be overseeing what is happening and what is going on with all the mirrors and the legend of Bloody Mary. There is so much to do and so much fun. Elephant games has once again done an excellent job. To start out you have 3 levels; casual, advanced and hardcore. As always I played on casual to get a feel for the game through the demo. The extras include your normal stuff: bonus chapter, wallpapers, concept art, music and screensavers. There seem to be 10 achievements, collectible statues that have meanings of evil, and a hall of memories which have to do with the "cinema" tab. There are 7 chapters and a bonus chapter, so the game seems to have some substance to it. I did adjust all sound volumes at the beginning, so that it was more of a background rather than in my face loud. I also ended up adjusting the gamma as the game was very dark and items were difficult find. The journal included the map with the map being interactive. The hos were somewhat interactive and the mini games were not overly difficult to complete. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and plan to add it to my collection as soon as I finish this review.

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