Grim Tales: The Wishes

  • Save your nephew
  • Fantastic gameplay
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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 839

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Be careful what you wish for... When her young son begins to wither and age before her eyes, your sister desperately requests your help. You arrive to discover that a deadly bargain has been made. You must set things right before your nephew pays the terrible price in Grim Tales: The Wishes!

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Game Description:

Be careful what you wish for... A deadly bargain has been made, and it's up to you to set things right before your nephew pays the terrible price!

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Grim Tales: The Wishes game play Grim Tales: The Wishes game play

Be Careful What You Wish For

I initially gave four stars for the CE version because it fell short of being a great game, lacking in some of the game features that a CE should offer like collectables, achievments or awards. However, Grim Tales: The Wishes does definitely merit 5 stars as a Standard Edition game and will offer you hours of entertaining and challenging gameplay. As the third installment of the Grim Tales series, the story continues with your sister who once again needs your help to save her son from a mysterious illness. Her son has been inflicted by a mysterious spell that ages him and you must find out who is responisble and save him. The game offers three play modes and hardcore players will enjoy the challenge. The graphics are crisp and sharp with somewhat blurriness during the cut scenes. Sound effects are far superior than I have seen in many games, especially environmental sounds which realy adds to the gaming experience. This is an excellent HOPA, heavy on the adventure where there are locks to open, objects to find and HO scenes to play. HO scenes were spread out throughout the game, mostly junk-piled with some interactive objects in the mix. Graphics. Mingames were fun and as you played on, some got quite challenging. My favorite feature in the game was the puppet who comes to life and accompanies me throughout the game. He not only supplies me with hints and clues, but also with an interactive map that transports me to locations and also outlines tasks and progress. With this feature, there really was no need for a SG, ergo, no need to spend extras on a CE game. The SE version is above standard and took me well over 6 hours to complete the main game. Definitely falls into the must buy catagory.

Fun to Play

I enjoyed playing this game. The puzzles were good and it added a little adventure to the hidden object part of the game. The story was good and hints were okay when needed. I enjoyed the trial and hope to purchase the game.

Good game and fun

Elephant games are another really good developer. Long games and fun to play. Has a map and good graphics, voice over and music. The HOS are good and so are the puzzles. A fun enjoyable game.

Great game

I bought this game early this morning 8/9/12 it is now 5:17PM. Have played off and on, mostly on, all day and still not done with it.

Great game!

I've played through the whole game, and I really enjoyed it. It was a good length, and took me several hours to complete. The storyline is interesting, and the graphics are very good. There's a variety of different locations, so you get to see lots of different scenery - each HO scene is in a different location, which means you don't have to search the same one over and over again, which is a plus. Also, it includes a picture of the cutest baby polar bear ever. Seriously, that polar bear is really cute. Anyway, this is a good installment in the Grim Tales series, and I recommend it. You can definitely play this one without having played the other two in the series and still get what's going on, though.

Great sequel to a the Grim Tales story.

Little Brandon sure grew up fast. Very interesting story. Different than the original werewolf story so you have know idea where the adventure will lead. Played the CE addition but waited for the regular edition to use by game credit for last month. I'll be buying this one right away. If you loved the other Grim Tales you'll love this one too.


I really enjoyed playing this game..first the demo..then I bought it..the voice overs are great..the visuals are crisp and clear and the level of challenge is good for all levels ( I think)..the voice overs are just great..even like the puppet even though he doesnt talk much..I know alot of reviews are saying the storyline is yet another come rescue me mom...etc..but I really enjoy it..and the challenge as it turns out he helps in resue of his mom and aunt...I do recommend this game for all levels...


You have to save your nephew who has sold his youth to a witch who can make wishes come true. Great story. Wonderful characters and VOS. Stunning graphics. Good puzzles. Good music. Nothing not to like. HOS are clear and interactive. Interactive teleporting map. Cute animals, especially the purring kitty in the laundry basket. A really, really good game that is also long. Almost 7 hours for me on casual, and I skipped a number of puzzles (quick skip button). Hints tell you exactly what to do if you are stumped. Buy it, you'll love it!

SE gets 5 stars (4.5 rounding up) for a very long, quality game.

*I finished the CE version but IMO this SE version is the better choice. The plot is 100% tied up in main game (this version) and there were no collectables etc so you aren?t missing out on anything * This is the third game in the grim tales series, made by elephant games, and I think is the best. Like most games from elephant it?s long (the main game took me nearer to 7hrs!). It is longer than the recent elephant games (surface, royal detective) but as it?s a chapter less than the last grim tales ( the legacy) it?s shorter than the legacy. I also think it?s easier as here they gave you the tips in the transporter map in hardcore, which I played. The transporter map becomes available a short while into the game. This has a dark story line, so for those of you who don?t like demon, child in peril storyline you may want to give this a miss or at least try demo. But because of the mostly daytime graphics (thank you!) it doesn?t feel like a dark game. I love elephant graphics, as they are vibrant, sharp* and colourful. There are three different play settings which all can be changed mid game so no need to panic if you choose hardcore. The plot takes place a few years after our last encounter with Brendan, here you find him growing older and you soon find out why. In your journey you will find a magic quill which you can then go into his memory and change the past (or you relive what you did in the first place, I wasn?t that clear with that side of the plot.) But I enjoyed the plot way better than the last grim tales. HINTS The hint button is the usual mini SG which is great for you as you won?t miss the SG. As well as the hint button there are icons and tips within the transporter map letting you know if there were places that things could be done in. Hardcore players note that there are black bar tips for you and you can?t bring up the hints in the map like you do in the puzzles. Hidden object scenes ? * Initially the graphics were gorgeous and sharp like usual

very good quality game

I bought SE edition after reading the others reviews. It's true. It's a very long lasting and goog quality game.Mini-games are not so easy even in casual mode. Story and graphics are well done. One of my favorite game on a long, long BigFish game list. No need to buy CE edition to enjoy hours of good time.

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