Маэстро: музыка смерти коллекционное издание

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Sensational soundtrack
  • Concept art
  • Stunning screensavers
  • Wonderful Wallpapers
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 713

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Загадочная болезнь разразилась и вызывает целую деревню быстро стареть и умирать! Между тем, зловещая музыка, можно услышать доносящийся через воздух... Путешествие в карантине деревню и найти причину этой смертельной болезни в маэстро: музыка смерти. При поиске для источника, найти маленькую девочку, которая попала в город! Мастер-это скрытый объект головоломки приключенческая игра и сохранить всю деревню! Это коллекционное издание полный эксклюзивных дополнительные услуги вы не найдете в стандартной версии. В качестве бонуса коллекционное издание покупки учитываются три марки на ваш ежемесячный перфораторной карты игра-клуб! Коллекционное издание включает в себя:

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Жанр : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.


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Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition Image Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition
5 из 5 на основе 65 рейтинги пользователей
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Требует Windows/MacOS

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Возрастов: 3 ЛЕТ И СТАРШЕ

Описание Игры:

Остановить загадочной болезни, которая вызывает целую деревню быстро возраста! Найти причину и найти пропавшую девушку!

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Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition game play Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition игры


PuzzleMatch 3

A good game for the money

I enjoyed the original game and very much enjoyed the extended version. The HO's are easier to see than in most games I've played. The puzzles are solve-able, some with a little time, but I think I only skipped one. The story line stays consistent into the Collector's Edition, which isn't true for all games. It opens up new areas, too, which is cool. Overall, relaxing and entertaining.

Adventure, Suspense, Mystery

It really held my attention in the regular version, and so I am definitely am getting the CE!! I want to see what that old hag is going to do this time! Great game BFG keep up the great games like this one!!! This will be rough estimate of games i have bought. Around close to 100! Everyone will love this game!

Another fantastic game from ERS!!

Absolutely brilliant! loved this game, the graphics are stunning and the storyline is just perfect and i couldn't wait to find out what happens next, love the interactive HOS and the hint system works perfectly so i didn't need the SG once! Will play this again but my only complaint is i think it was a lot shorter than other ERS games out there. Just perfect! :-)

Good suspenseful game - had it all

This game Maestro - Music of Death - had it all, suspense, adventure, hidden objects, puzzles, good music and background noises. A mysterious black cloud and eerie music emanated from a town whose inhabitants age quickly and die prematurely and the task is to locate the trapped little girl, discover the source of the music and free the town of the Music of Death. The dialogue is acceptable and notes in the diary record progress and events as they happen throughout the game. The graphics are good and clear and reasonably colourful for this eerie type of game but some areas of some scenes are a little dark, especially in the corners. Having said that, the hidden objects are clear and well defined and do not present any great difficulty in locating most of them. The puzzles are unique and varied and quite ingenious and most were comparatively easy to solve but of course there are some tricky ones. One task that made me smile though was that a giant tree had fallen over the road and had to be cut with a little hand saw. Mission impossible. In general a very good and exciting game, I really enjoyed it, including the bonus section.

great fun game

play this game by looking at the reviews. The reviews do not lie. Great game and fun to play. Liked it so much I purchased the other one. You will not be disapointed.

Great Game! An all-time favourite!

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game! The storyline is captivating, the music is great, the artwork.. fantastic. It was really easy to follow the scenes and I did not have to check hints to find out what to do next. The HO are easy to find and the puzzles can be achieved without the need to skip them. I loved this game so much that without hesitation or preview I bought the next Maestro. The bonus game is quite long, thorough and is in line with the story. I highly recommend this game; it is amongst the best I played thus far, if not the best!

Loved this game!

I give this game high marks because I enjoyed it so much. I loved the HOS's, the puzzles, the music, the scenery, and the very, very wicked old music teacher! Beautiful game, and wonderful that it carries on in the sequel!

My Favorite Game

This game is a keeper! The music is haunting and sad, but keeps you wanting to hear more. This is my favorite game. It took me a few times thru it to not need to keep referring to the guide all the time. It will give you hours and hours of excellant game play. I just purchased the 2nd in the series w/out playing the trial based on the reviews and how much I enjoyed this one. Give it a spin. :)

Skulls'n'Roses - Awesome Game!

PLUS SIDE: I just replayed this game, and I enjoyed it as much as when I originally played it several months ago. The replay took me about 3 hours for the main game, and about 50 minutes for the bonus chapter. I did use the integrated Strategy Guide because I got stuck a few times. You play as a detective who is called to a town where a mysterious illness is killing the inhabitants, and you are asked by a mother to help find her missing daughter. From the opening moments of the game I was immersed in the storyline, the game play, and the eerie but beautiful music which is part of the theme of the story. There are lots of Hidden Object scenes, which you will visit twice. There are many interactive items in the Hidden Object scenes, which were fun to figure out. I liked the fact that there were more Hidden Object scenes than mini-games. However, this is one of the few games that I have been able to play all the mini-games without tearing my hair out (I am not a big puzzle fan). There are also lots of inventory items to find and use, although they are not always immediately available when needed. The graphics are wonderful, as are the cutscenes, and I really liked the music in this game. You will visit five major areas in the town, and you will revisit these areas in the bonus game, along with some new areas. The bonus content includes a chapter that introduces the sequel game, along with the usual extra bonus content - wallpapers/screensavers, concept art and music. I have liked almost all of the games from this developer (such as the PuppetShow series, Shadow Wolf series, and Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice, among others) and I am looking forward to the sequel for this game. MINUS SIDE: The only minus for me was that as the game progressed, some of the Hidden Object scenes became darker in color and cluttered, so it took patience to find all the items.

This Game Has It All

I would have purchased this game for the soundtrack alone, or for the hidden object scenes, or for the dark storyline, or for the beautiful graphics, or for the original mini puzzles. But I got the whole package. The music is haunting, eerie, beautiful. The Hidden Object scenes are fun and challenging. The mini puzzles are puzzlers and a lot of fun. The storyline is compelling, the player always wondering where the game will take him next. Excellent top quality.

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