Полночь тайн 3: дьявол на Миссисипи коллекционное издание

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Concept art
  • Wonderful Wallpapers
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 577

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Призрак Марка Твена пришел к вам обращаться за помощью. Когда Твена страсть к истории литературы reignites острые дискуссии о подлинной личности Шекспира, извечный вопрос воскрешает одну из самых злых заинтересованных сторон. После пробуждения злобного духа, Твен, про то, чтобы избавить свое время от тьмы, но сюжет только закручивается. С помощью Твена, вам предстоит разгадать соединения, чтобы попытаться установить прямо в полночь тайны истории: дьявол на Миссисипи! Это коллекционное издание полный эксклюзивных дополнительные услуги вы не найдете в стандартной версии. В качестве бонуса коллекционное издание покупки учитываются три марки на ваш ежемесячный перфораторной карты игра-клуб! Коллекционное издание включает в себя:

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Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi Collector's Edition Image Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi Collector's Edition
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Требует Windows/MacOS

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Вниз по глубокой и мутной Миссисипи, что-то не так. Призрачные лодки приносит свет новый заговор!

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Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi Collector's Edition game play Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi Collector's Edition игры

A Devil on the Mississippi...

...kept me engrossed until the bonus section was unlocked, and I had to try to find at least a few bones before closing. I've purchased all Midnight Mysteries and this was the best yet: as good as the Puppet Show series for story-telling.

Fantastic Game!

Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi Collector's Edition is a great hidden object adventure game. The plot has you again playing the writer/detective with an affinity towards helping famous ghosts set right their afterlife. This time, you are helping Mark Twain. I found the story to be very interesting. I really enjoyed this game. I loved the graphics, music, cut scenes and game play. Everything was top-notch. There are achievements in the game for attaining different goals. There is a bonus chapter, a bone-collecting game, and unlimited hidden object mode. The puzzles were creative in this game, which is hard to find after playing so many of this type. The main game took me about 3 hours, 15 minutes to complete. The bonus game took me 45 minutes to finish. The game would be complete without the bonus chapter, but it does add to the story. Overall, this game is definitely worth trying. I certainly enjoyed it!

Great way to start a HD Strategy Game

I liked this -- it had more strategy than I originally planned on, but it was not too hard. The hints section was helpful without totally showing you the full game. Great graphics with some spooky scenes. Good use of the Hidden Objects. This is the one that got me hooked on Big Fish!

Impressive Game Well Worth the Price

This game was absolutely amazing! The graphics were beautifully done, sharp and clear. The game lasted far longer than many HO games I've played. The storyline was interesting and unique. The best Midnight Mysteries yet!


This game sets the standard for what all good games should be like. The storyline was very interesting and flowed smoothly. Being based on a real person, Mark Twain, brought an interesting historical figure into the mix. Since I was born and raised in Missouri, the home state of Mark Twain, and have visited Hannibal, Missouri, this game held a special interest for me. It made me want to buy a book about Mark Twain. And this game has everything; a built-in strategy guide, achievements that can be won, extra HOS that can be played if you obtain the necessary achievement, an additional challenge of collecting 80 bones, good mini games, fantastic graphics, etc., etc. There was some back and forth, but not enough to be annoying. The inventory items were used quickly and provided a good indication of what needed to be done next. By finding the ravens in a scene, you can win extra hints, but I didn't find that I needed hints that often. And the hint button was great, not only in the HOS but also when you might need to know what to do next. I did need to use the strategy guide a few times, and it was excellent. I just can't say enough good things about this game. I intend to purchase the other Hidden Mysteries games and hope they live up to the standard set by this game.

Mystery with a Twist

As a MM detective, you can interact with ghosts of famous novelist and people! I like the creepiness of the set, and as I am not American, I can learn a lot about American novels and literature. This is game you surely don't want to miss.

Not a HOG but an eerie adventure

'Midnight Mysteries' have become must-have games for me. Spectral adventures combining real-life historical characters with a dash of hokum; very few classic HOGs but masses of items to be found & used; and inventive and amusing puzzles. It's also got great graphics, music and sound effects. Very few voice-overs, though, so conversations with the numerous ghosts have to be read. All in all a highly atmospheric & entertaining game with a great sense of time and place. However if you don't fancy the idea of journeying underground through crypts, digging up graves, and encountering Mephistopheles, you might want to avoid this one! This adventure centres around the American author Mark Twain, who was a Mississippi river boat pilot in the 1850s. His brother Henry also worked on the steamboats and died in an explosion, for which Twain felt guilty for the rest of his life. The game draws on this real-life tragedy and also on one of Twain's later novels about the authorship of the Shakespearian canon, so there's some time-travelling back to Elizabethan England. I agree with Laflamme's review, that the game will make much more sense if you can spare 10 minutes to read Wikipedia's article about Twain's life. I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, though perhaps not quite as much as their 'Houdini' game which has a gripping storyline and features characters whom I'm more informed about. Also there's a deal more hokum in this one - particularly in the Elizabethan segments - which is why it didn't grab me as much. The mini-puzzles were all amusing, but since there's no info about how each one works I sometimes had to crib from the in-built Strategy Guide to get me started. And there's one puzzle which didn't make sense using my laptop's keyboard and the SG solution didn't work for me either! Worth the CE price? I'm not sure, though the additional gameplay does tie up the loose ends, and there's a very tricky HOG where you need to find 80 bones. But given my total enjoyment of this spooky and atmospher


This is one of the best HOA games I have ever played. The story, music, and the graphics were all wonderful. The ghostly element of the game is so chilling. There were times that ghosts popped up that actually had me scared. I wish I could find 10 more games like this. This is definitely the best in this series. Salem Witches was really good too. I can only hope that they make another one.

Very Enjoyable!

The graphics on this game were lovely. The colors were rich and it was easy to see things. The HO games were pretty good, but it seems there was always one item a bit tricky to find. There were some puzzles that I had to use my brain for! Woot woot! but they were not so difficult that I could not figure them out. I like the higher level of challenge, where you have to think a wee bit. In most games, this is not the case. I also played on the hardest level. It was fun looking around for the clovers to unlock the unlimited HO play (which I haven't played yet). They were not hidden in such ridiculous places that they could not be found. They also gave you more than enough to meet the requirement. That's always nice in case you miss one or two, you can still open up the reward at the end. Nice touch! The only real draw back that I personally found was the CE version really wasn't worth getting if you were to pay full price. There was only a couple of minutes extra play for me. I rarely use the strategy guide, so that isn't a real bonus for me, although it is handy if you need it.

Worth the Collection Edition Price

Thoroughly enjoyed this game. A lengthy game with unusual puzzles combined with a good story line. Clovers need to be found to release an unlimited HO game. There is also a bonus chapter and a bone hunt. Needed the help of the strategy guide which kept pace with the play. Hints also available by finding ravens. One of the best

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