Перевоплощений: раскрыть прошлое коллекционное издание

  • Bonus reincarnation story
  • Built-in Strategy Guide
  • Superb screensavers
  • Wonderful wallpaper
  • Concept art
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 250

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Джейн и д-р Herzle сделал крупный прорыв в исследованиях, реинкарнация, но их тяжелый труд нарушается, когда Джейн похищен! Помогите ей исследовать прошлые жизни, как она пытается спасти свою собственную жизнь в настоящее время в перевоплощений: раскрыть прошлое. Используйте свой hidden object талантов, чтобы взять на злых похитителей и обнаружить ценные подсказки. Это коллекционное издание полный эксклюзивных дополнительные услуги вы не найдете в стандартной версии. В качестве бонуса коллекционное издание покупки учитываются три марки на ваш ежемесячный перфораторной карты игра-клуб! Коллекционное издание включает в себя:

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Жанр : Puzzle

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Reincarnations: Uncover the Past Collector's Edition Image Reincarnations: Uncover the Past Collector's Edition
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Требует Windows/MacOS

USD 6.99 0 from 1 продавцы В наличии
Возрастов: 3 ЛЕТ И СТАРШЕ

Описание Игры:

Джейн и д-р Herzle сделал крупный прорыв в исследованиях, реинкарнация, но их тяжелый труд нарушается, когда Джейн похищен!

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Reincarnations: Uncover the Past Collector's Edition game play Reincarnations: Uncover the Past Collector's Edition игры

Exciting and enthralling game

The studies of reincarnation by a professor and his student are interrupted by a kidnapping and a murder and it is up to the student to explore the past and find the culprits. There was very little dialogue, only when the hint was pressed was there guidance and prompts to the next part of the game. The music was different for each scene and was quite tuneful and easy to listen to. The graphics were really good, clear and detailed if not just a tad dark in very few scenes. The puzzles and mini games were quite intriguing and a number needed a good deal of nutting out which was quite challenging and others were reasonably simple without being too easy. Some of the hidden objects are easy others are very tricky to find and the hint button when used is a little slow to recharge. A very good game which only enhances the reputation that Collectors Edition games ( with their built in strategy guide which eliminates leaving the game to find help) have built up since their introduction. I will look forward to playing the others in the series.

Just Beautiful!

What a fantastic game, now this is a game i don't mind spending ?10.80 on because it's worth every penny! I loved the first 2 Reincarnations but this is by far the best one. The storyline is wonderful and graphics are visually stunning. The hint system works well if you feel stuck and need help on where to go next and the SG is built in but i didn't use it a lot. Quite a long game with great bonus part too. The HOS were great and not too cluttered, will keep this in my collection.

Really fn game!

I was thrilled to play this game...First one that I played since getting my new laptop fans; first one that didn't shut my computer down due to overheating. I am not a pro at Hidden object games, but love the Collector's Editions that give you lots of scenes to explore, puzzles to play, all while following an interesting story line. This game gave me hours of fun play; the visual graphics were really good (I don't use the sound on the games, so can't comment on that). It was great having the strategy guide available right there to click on without exiting the game. I would definitely look into playing more games by this developer!

Great Graphics, Music and Story Line

I really liked this game. Hours of game play. Assorted mini games and hidden object. The reincarnations are a great story line. I will be buying the other two associated with this one!! Enjoy

A Pleasant Surprise

Reincarnations: Uncover the Past caught me totally by surprise. I bought on a one of those high speed guesses, not expecting much but, once playing, was immediately taken in by it. If you simply let yourself fall into the plot line, you can look forward to a couple of evenings, relaxed ones, of happily cruising through the ever unfolding story. Graphically satisfying, (I particularly enjoyed Venice), and backed up with, to me, all important ambient sound, the only thing I would have appreciated further was to have had the characters speak their lines instead of having to read them (and quickly too as the lines disappear in a bit of a hurry). But, all in all, this is a really great game. I highly recommend it.

good sequel!

I really enjoy playing this game until end! Thank you dev, for making this good sequel! Love it!

good fun game

This game is a fun but easy game to play. Has lots of segments to play to complete. I got a little tired because I thought it was too easy. Worth buying.

Different, but good game

The scenes are definitely original, and I like that it is played in chapters. The HO's are pretty easy, so I would have liked a higher level of challenge. The puzzles were tricky for me, and enjoyable. All in all, a good game.

Too Short

The fact that this is a collector's edition in my opinion, means it should have had more scenes. It wasn't worth $13.99.

Not much left after the 60 minute trial

This started out a great game, I enjoyed the 60 minute trial enough to buy the full edition. However, there wasn't a whole lot left to the game after that. Very disappointing. This game should have been twice as long, :-(

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