Дрожь: Исчезнувшая попутчица коллекционное издание

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Built-in Strategy Guide
  • Wonderful Wallpaper
  • Concept art
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 339

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После чего-то в вашей машине, автостопом исчезает! Разыскать ее и вернуть ее вещи в дрожь: исчезающие автостопом! Исследуйте жуткий пейзаж, как вы выяснить, где таинственная женщина прошла в этой захватывающей скрытые объект головоломки приключенческая игра. Погружение в более глубокие тайны, как вы прогресса через невероятные места и сцены! Это коллекционное издание полный эксклюзивных дополнительные услуги вы не найдете в стандартной версии. В качестве бонуса коллекционное издание покупки учитываются три марки на ваш ежемесячный перфораторной карты игра-клуб! Коллекционное издание включает в себя:

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Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's Edition Image Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's Edition
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Требует Windows/MacOS

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После чего-то в вашей машине, автостопом исчезает! Разыскать ее и вернуть ее вещи в дрожь: исчезающие автостопом!

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Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's Edition game play Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's Edition игры

Atmospheric, creepy, and totally worth it!

Being a big fan of creepy graphic adventure games (and survival horror in general), Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker was everything I could have hoped for in an IHOG and more. From the graphics and sound to creepy story, everything about VH screams quality. The game oozes atmosphere, one of the most important things I look for in adventure titles. Toss in plenty of inspiration from horror classics such as Silent Hill and Fatal Frame, and I pretty much couldn't have asked for more. My playthrough took about 10 hours (both main game and bonus chapter). I played on Advanced with minimal hint usage having consulted the strategy guild only twice. I generally take my time and try to stay away from the Hint button unless I'm completely stuck; this not only helps immerse me in the game world, but stretches out the playtime giving me more bang for my buck. Pros - Realistic graphics that are a bit grainy and dirty help enhance the atmosphere and adds to the overall creepiness of the game - Sound design is awesome with effects/music clearly inspired by the Silent Hill series - HOS's are not overly difficult with items that make sense to the locations - Quite long with plenty of areas to explore - Interesting storyline that keeps you engaged Cons - Some sparkles on Advanced mode - Only a handful of puzzles, all of which are fairly easy - Intro movie and cut scenes play as you load up the game, which can be annoying - No soundtrack with CE (c'mon guys, we NEED a soundtrack for your awesome music) CE/SE comparison One of my biggest gripes is when devs cut off the last chapter in the SE requiring you to pickup the CE to get a satisfying conclusion to the story. That is not the case here. Despite the main game ending with a cliffhanger, it wraps up the main plot sufficiently and I feel stands up well on its own. While the bonus chapter picks up from the cliffhanger and expands upon the backstory of the characters, I don't think it's required to full

Creepy, scary and brilliant!

If you have sworn off buying CE?s because they are not worth it or the bonus chapter does not contribute to the main story or the bonus chapter is just a bunch of hidden object scenes hobbled together ---this game is not one of them. In this game the bonus chapter continues on where the main story left off and is integral for a satisfactory ending. This game has it all, in spades. It is scary, creepy, and mysterious, it is fun and it grabs you and drags you along and leaves you breathless with dread and shivering with anticipation. There is nothing like a good tale about first love, death and otherworldly forces to get your imagination spinning, and Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker is chocked full of them, The Graphics are beautiful with a style befitting the storyline of this game, a kind of burnt-out washed-out urban decay, not for some I know. However it is also beautiful, with a clean visual design and the right amount of richness in the colour palette. It makes you think you are in a place where all the joy has been sucked clean out of it and you want to run away immediately but the creepy vibe has wrapped its gnarly fingers around your soul and will not let you go. This game has the best sounding, visual appealing and scariest rainfall/thunder and lightning scenes I have ever encountered?truly spectacular. The Music (please don?t turn off or down) is very atmospheric and keeps you immersed in the environment. The Dev?s did not skint on the selections and it?s obvious that thought and care went into almost every note and it enhances the scenes at every turn. At one point we are serenaded with Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor- Lacrimosa ?devine. Game play has a lot more adventure than many iHOG games and it is logical and easy to follow. You never lose the plot of the storyline. The Dev?s obviously thought a lot about navigation and planning when designing this game and it shows. There is no heavy backtracking or wandering around aimlessly as inventory items are used fairly quickly. You w

First-Rate Game !

The story of the beginning already invites you to play. Superb quality images in addition to being highly interesting, and romantic too !! After all, who does not want to find someone special "lost" in the past ...? - Very nice sound - Excellent characters (real people) - Amazing Atmosphere - Lots of HOS - Many locations with plenty of activities to do - Lots of games - Pretty good level of challenging

Good game and not that hard

Good game. Not too much running around to find clues.I was a little concerned that not enough light for the HO but finally noticed I could use the flash lite. Worth buying. Not a hard game at all. Just a fun game.


This is a great game! Actually I read other reviews at first then hesitated for a while because a lot reviews said that this game was short - to me, it is not (and I played the casual mode)! Not too many hidden object scenes, just enough to keep you interested. Also, the game displayed quite a lot new factors to me. Story was fun, and I liked how the scenes were designed. I got lost at some points, the hints were useful though. It was also a bit weird (in a good way) and I was shocked once in the bonus gameplay. All in all, a great and enjoyable game!

Love it

Very interesting and exciting.

My type of game

I did enjoy it, especially visually. I like its creepy, desolate locations of a ruined town, covered in fog and rust. Actually I'd say the locations were the closest thing to Silent Hill games I managed to encounter so far in Point and Click Games. (Visually it is like a Silent Hill wanna-be ;)). I mean it in a good sense, I love Silent Hill series and this game has similar mood. Also I like the quality of backgrounds because they look more like a movie, then cartoon, if you get my meaning. The plot isn't bad, the could have been better, could have been worse. I disliked the voice of our character, and the intro and the vanishing hitchhiker theme, which to me seemed too much of a clich? of American urban legend. But I still give 5 stars. Because all the cut-scenes can be skipped and are not essential to play, for me they just spoiled the mood. I like the sounds and the music, as they reinforce the mood nicely. Puzzles are not really challenging and there are not many of them anyway. Challenging is the adventure side of it, to find interactive objects and what to do with them. Some of them are not well indicated. I liked the idea of having a camera and taking photos, some interactive objects are revealed only when you take a photo of them. It is definitely one of my new favorites!

Shiver:Vanishing Hitchiker Coll Ed.

I loved this game. The theme tune is actually belonging to Tomb Raider Underworld, so for all you Lara fans...The characters look real, the story interesting and scenes were clear and hidd obj scenes were organized. This is a game I'd play across the platforms. A game similar to this is Voodoo Whisperer curse of a legend.

Totally creepy...

Ok, before I don't know that vanishing hitchhiker is an urban legend, but after playing this game, I did more research and it is a legend. This game is fantastic, to sum up. The atmosphere is creepy, you can feel ghosts lurking on the corner of the house, the church, the hospital, basically all the places in this game. I bought this CE after buying the SE, loved it and decided to see what's going on after the SE is finished. I am happy that I did, and hope you'll like this game as much as I do.

You must get this game!

This game was fantastic! As a fairly experienced and long-time fan of HOGs, this is a must-play. I have to admit, after playing the demo, I wasn't sure I would enjoy this over-the-top creepy game. However, I'm so glad I played it and finished it. Everything about this game was fantastic. The story, although sort of cliche, compliments the horror genre well. It's kind of a love-letter to some of the best horror stories, I think. However, it's weaved it's own originality throughout, and I was hooked. The title is perfect - cold and creepy! I wish someone would make a movie this good. From the atmosphere and graphics, soundtrack and effects, to the challenging game play, I was transfixed the entire time. I was glued to my screen! Also, and I can't emphasize this enough - the collector's edition is TOTALLY worth it! The bonus, to me, was a very generous additional chapter of game play, having been disappointed several times with other collector's editions. The developers of Shiver have done everything right I think. They've produced a massive game with enough challenge to keep things interesting and created an atmosphere you won't soon forget. It's not a game for the faint of heart though, but for those of us who like the haunted genre, I promise you, you'll enjoy this game.

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