Супер Бабуля 4

  • Exotic locales.
  • Easy-to-use level editor.
  • All-new multiplayer mode!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 49

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Супер-бабулька обратно и лучше, чем когда-либо! Как Супер бабушка, Камила и Маргарет вспоминать о своих прошлых приключениях, помочь дамам перейти экзотических местах. Все приведет к финалу гнусных и подлых имени, полковник Ганс Фут, лидер таинственной теневой организации. С все новые враги и веселый сюжет, помочь дамам бегать, копать и восхождение свой путь через захватывающих уровней в этой головоломки, элемент-бросание, захватывающее приключение.

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Жанр : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.


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Super Granny 4 Image Super Granny 4
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Требует Windows/MacOS

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Возрастов: 3 ЛЕТ И СТАРШЕ

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Присоединяйтесь к Супер бабушка и ее подруги, как они спасают котят от гнусного злодея в новой кругосветное крестовый поход.

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Super Granny 4 game play Super Granny 4 игры


I absolutely LOVE Super Granny 4!! It's super funny and sometimes challenging!

Awesome fun game.

Love this game, fun to play, love the characters. Good for getting your brain thinking without being too hard to complete the levels. Only problem is that I can't put it down. Very addictive. I'm about to trial 5 & 6, I expect they'll be just as good.



Fun to play

I had been looking for this game. Had played the other super granny games years ago. Love 'em


xcelent game a like this game because is fun and great

Granny goes to a cat show

Granny isn't alone in this game - sometimes she's joined by a friend or two who have to help her rescue the cats and complete the level. Again, you use the arrow keys to move each character, the spacebar for any action, and the ctrl key to swap between characters. The game is super duper easy to learn to play, it's just individual levels that can be difficult. I didn't like this game as much as I liked the earlier ones. It seemed to me that Granny's voice has changed, and her comments aren't as funny as they were, as well as being extremely repetitive. Every time a new piece of flair or a patch was added to the quilt (which shows your progress in the game), you have to swap to the mouse to click ok and get back to the level, which is a pain. But there are a lot of levels, so if you like the Super Granny games, you can have hours of fun saving cats and thwarting the evil plans of the bad guys.

Love all the Super Granny's

I started of with the first Super Granny I bought. Love all of the Super Granny games. They are fun, enjoy the puzzle to get to the kittens and love Super Grannys voice and the Enemies are fun. Love this games Thank you

Relaxing puzzles

I too love all the Granny games, but Holy Hannah, that last level? Three Grannies, in the dark, with hidden kitties and hidden bad guys. I've gotten through it twice and am really proud of that.

super granny

super granny is one of my favorite childhood game!I remembered it a few days ago.

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